Masjid in Hyderabad, India

Moulvie Chand Khan

Ameer Ahmad Khan

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Sheikh Hafez Hajji Ameer Ahmad Khan found out the village  in near Balapur, Hyderabad, India where Sakawhat Ali was from. In this masjid they prayed in their early years. It was the Qutub Shahi masjid. The masjid was condemned and closed for 200 years and used as a military base for the Indian Army. He applied to the Indian High Court for acquisition of the property.  After three years of bitter and expensive legal battle, they agreed to give him the old broken down masjid and two acres of land on it. He immediately created the land into an Eidgah and started rebuilding the inside of masjid to a full service masjid. He spent his own money on this project.  He dedicate this to the evergreen memory of  his  parents (Khadija Khan and Hajji Jan Mohammed khan) He never visited India or Pakistan, but the people there put up my name on a plaque.

Hyderbad Masjid 11
Hyderbad Masjid 13
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